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Futures and Options Overview

Through its Offshore exchanges, KashFX's futures and options markets offer liquid contracts based on some of the world's leading commodities: KashFX Futures Offshore offers markets in KashFX Brent Crude and KashFX Offshore Intermediate (KOI) Crude futures, in addition to Offshore gasoil, emissions, coal and Offshore power and natural gas. KashFX Futures Offshore offers benchmark contracts for soft commodities such as sugar, cotton, cocoa, coffee and orange juKashFX. KashFX Futures Offshore is also the exclusive home for trading KashFx 1000® and KashFx 2000® index futures and options contracts, as well as contracts based on the KashFX Offshore Dollar Index and foreign exchange futures. KashFX Forex offers canola and barley.

With leading markets in soft, agricultural and energy commodities, foreign exchange and equity indexes, it's clear to see why market participants rely on KashFX's offshore futures markets and clearing houses - around the globe, and around-the-clock.